An all-in-one solutions company, Servant Warrior™ Consulting (formerly KBGroup) offers specialized services to for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Stressing relationship-building and collaboration, Servant Warrior™ Consulting brings high levels of energy and creativity to helping your organization achieve maximum potential.

The  Mission

To honor God in all we are and do, to love others as ourselves, and to Truthfully impact our communities, our countries, and our world.

The  Philosophy

At Servant Warrior™ Consulting, we know each organization is unique … with its own goals, resources, and challenges. Working with your organization’s individual dynamics, we generate solutions based on genuine understanding, communication and collaboration. Going far beyond simple delivery of service, we build lasting partnerships, investing ourselves in your long-term success.

The  Model of Service

Servant Warrior™ Consulting breaks through normative consulting barriers in order to achieve fresh, innovative solutions that serve you well, today and into the future. We take time get to know your organization, to understand what makes it tick. We then tailor solutions that extend opportunities for growth and success, regardless of your organization’s existing size or capacity. KBGroup offers you the tools you need to achieve your goals by:
· stressing avenues for collaboration,
· offering you a wide range of services and expertise,
· and fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

Our services and core competencies include:

Marketing & Brand Development


Marketing & Cause Marketing Campaigns

Strategic Planning

Philanthropic Solutions

Resource Development

Relationship Management

Business & Organizational Development

Management Solutions

Training & Professional Development

There are barriers to mutually beneficial relationships, partnerships, and collaborations within and between the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Let’s take a quick look at both sides of the coin…


In 2007, over $295B in private donations (includes individual, corporate, and foundation donations) were given to charitable organizations. In 2005, 73.8% of public charities reported less than $500K in annual expenses, 82.3% reported less than $1M in annual expenses, and 93.7% less than $5M. * Currently, 1,514,821 tax-exempt organizations are registered with the IRS. This number includes 956,760 public charities and 112,959 private foundations. In addition, 443,464 other types of nonprofit organizations, such as chambers of commerce, fraternal organizations and civic leagues, are registered with the IRS.*

  • These organizations are meeting societal needs through the services and programs they provide, usually on a local or regional level.
  • The lack of available resources or perception of the lack of resources, in many cases, restricts the ability to obtain adequate, in either numbers or experience or both, staffing and/or systems.
  • Are passionate about the cause and those they wish to serve but inexperienced in many aspects of business, marketing, branding, fundraising, etc…and don’t speak the language of “ROI” that is spoken in today’s marketplace and in homes across America and absolutely necessary in establishing mutually beneficial relationships and support networks.
  • There is often no available funding for training, consultants, etc… And when funding exists, often the solutions presented by outside groups and consultants either conflict with the organization’s culture – internally and externally, exceeds organization’s capacity to implement, or are simply inadequate to meet the organization’s needs because…“You get what you pay (or can pay) for.”
  • Non-profits, like businesses, are territorial and protective of their donors, sponsors, partnerships, etc…, as they should be, but sometimes cannot see the benefit of relationships with other NPO’s and causes.

For Profit Sector, Individuals, Family Foundations, etc…

  • Give charitably to organizations or causes because “it’s who we have always supported” despite the lack of synergy or staff buy-in/support
  • Want to support charities and philanthropic endeavors but….

–    Not sure of the right charity or organization to support

–    Cannot justify support or see the benefit, from an ROI perspective, of charitable giving or involvement

–    Do not have the time, staff resources, or experience to research and find the “right” charity or organization, one that compliments the company or donor’s: culture – internally and externally, capabilities, mission, etc…, or create the company or donor’s own philanthropic initiative

–    Don’t trust the nonprofit’s ability to “handle” the funding and/or resources given

Our goal is to break down some of the barriers and create mutually beneficial relationships…relationships that make sense.

One of our core missions is to give back. We have been so incredibly blessed and fortunate with the gifts God has so graciously given, we are compelled and called to give back.

Servant Warrior™ Consulting is committed to supporting organizations that are doing work in building God’s Kingdom. The support we provide includes both financial support and services support.

We understand the scarcity of resources for many organizations and want to assist where we can in offering our Solutions services to churches, groups, and organizations at no cost in order to assist them in achieving their missions. For more information about taking advantage of these services, email us at

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