Searcy, here. Let me share a little about myself…

I am a servant warrior, husband, dad, visionary, entrepreneur, educator, tactician, motivator, visionary, decipherer of the complex, coach, speaker, writer, communicator, fan of free markets, limited government, and the Constitution, and a less than average golfer with over 25 years of hands-on executive, management, entrepreneurial, and organizational development experience. I have essentially been training and teaching students, organizations and businesses, leaders, professionals, and teams of all kinds, for the better part of two decades. I am also an independent consultant, strategist, and tactician specializing in non-profit and for-profit organizational and business solutions, development, and collaborations. As a result, I developed the C3™ Proprietary Process. I have had the opportunity to work with local, regional and national organizations and businesses across the country.

My passion, energy, and enthusiasm are never ending. If you ask me what I enjoy the most, I will tell you that it’s the strategy, connecting the dots, and unlocking the potential in people, businesses and organizations. “Unlock the potential…and you can change the world.”

I was a part of the original group of founders and an Executive Vice President of the Wounded Warrior Project. Prior to my departure from WWP in 2009, I had the privilege and honor to be the organization’s first Chief Development and Marketing officer where I developed and lead all of WWP’s fundraising and marketing endeavors as well as its national educational and career advancement programs. I had the incredible opportunity to be at the helm in the building one of the most recognizable nonprofit organization brands in the world.

Before joining the WWP team, I spent 12 years in executive leadership as owner of The Identity Specialists, a promotional apparel and merchandise, brand consulting, strategic marketing, and business development company and as Director of Administration with EH Sellars, Inc. in Marietta, GA.

Born, raised, and residing in the Atlanta area, I am a United States Marine, no longer on active duty, and hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, both from Kennesaw St. Univ. in Kennesaw, GA. I live in Marietta, GA with my wife of 24 years and have two adult sons.

Bio / Resume / Curriculum Vitae / Teaching Philosophy

Now for the “Less” formal…but oh so potent and powerful:


People laugh when I say that my comfortable cruising speed is Mach 5 with my hair on fire.  I’m full speed ahead every minute. I’ll speak to a crowd anytime…anywhere. I’m a product of the 80’s – a starched oxford, khaki shorts, dirty bucs & loafers, frayed baseball cap wearing preppie glam rock and metal head banging athlete and ball player who still prefers tunes that peel the paint off the walls over anything else and who gladly embraced the rock & metal with a message from Disciple, Thousand Foot Krutch, Demon Hunter, Seventh Time Down, Skillet, Red, and others. I like country, classical, …who am I kidding, all music. I sing when I can but put the horn down some time ago. My wife says she married the energizer bunny and McGyver. I usually build it rather than buy it and do it myself rather than pay to have it done. I love all sports. Like I said, I’m a coach and former athlete. I especially like college football. I can’t stand fru fru but getting better at interior design (thanks to my wife and all of the “design” shows on tv). I don’t eat what I can’t pronounce, I like what I like…and don’t what I don’t. I am what I am…I find it tiresome and counterproductive to be something else. I’m a horrible liar. Bottom line: I’ve got too much going to try to keep a made-up story straight. I’d end up messing it up. Besides, the truth is just too darn interesting anyway. I’m not a politician. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and my passion can rarely be squelched. My heart is to coach, teach, inspire, and motivate.

Bottom Line: It’s about Truthfully impacting people and changing lives.

Despite living a life that has been all over the place, this calling is one that I have had nearly all my life. And while I have had the opportunity to preach and speak. I am more comfortable in front of a crowd than anywhere.

spartan pep talk

Ultimately, it is about raising up, leading, and coaching the next generation of servant warriors…to empower and inspire them to be who God has created and called them to be…to take their place on the wall…stand in the gap…and to be His hands and feet to the lost and His voice to those He has called us to reach. That is my heart and passion.

In short…I’m a whole lot of not much but certainly fun to watch.

My favorite quote:  “If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time a tremendous whack.” –Winston Churchill

See Jeff’s LinkedIn profile at  www.http:linkedin.com/in/jeffsearcy

What people have said about Jeff……..

“Jeff is an outstanding individual who has more passion about his work than anyone I have ever met. He gets the job done and is always on top of whatever project he is assigned to. His ability to over achieve has been proven time and again as he obtains his every goal. Jeff Searcy is one of a kind and we should all look up to his standards and use his work ethic and family valules as a role model to pursue every day.” Joanne Fried , Director Media and Public Relations , U-Haul International, Inc.

“Jeff is a high energy, hard charging guy with a good heart and devotion to a cause. He is always ready with a smile and a helping hand. Jeff is the kind of guy you can rely on to do the organization’s work with full commitment and devotion to quality. He is also a dedicated family man and someone you can enjoy hanging out with socially. Overall, a guy who is always both fun and productive.”  Joel Zimmerman, Director of Consulting Services , CDR Fundraising Group

“Jeff has been a guiding and driving force for the education and training of disabled veterans and has worked with great skill at developing both government and private sector corporations. Jeff has the ability to rally and drive any situation.” Michael Quinn , Vice President , Cisco Systems

“Jeff is an amazing person – his energy level, professionalism and enthusiasm is contagious. He has made it his mission in life to assure that American takes care of our veterans. He has made amazing strides in supporting our service people. If you want a job done well give it to Jeff.” Debra Ruh , CEO and Founder , Ruh Global, LLC

“Jeff is one of the finest men I have ever met. In my association with Jeff I have seen him operate on both a professional and a personal level and he is an expert at both. There are few men walking this earth with greater faith, more sincerity, or more professional than Jeff. A tireless worker, he is not only an asset to Caddy For A Cure as well as The Wounded Warrior Project, but models what our country dreams of as a bona fide American. I cannot emphasize enough what an honor it is to work with him regularly, and what a pleasure it is to call him my friend.” Russ Holden , CEO , Caddy For A Cure

  1. Dan Neufeld says:

    Who is Jesus?

    • jeffsearcy says:

      Theology speak aside, Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is the only way to God the Father and the only way to Heaven. All things were made through Him. He was with the Father in the beginning and is a part of the Trinity. He is the One who bore my sins, your sins, the sins of all mankind past, present and future, who gave His life for me, and for you, so that if we believe in Him and ask Him into our heart to be our Lord and Savior, we’ll have eternal life and spend eternity with Him in heaven. He’s the One, the Creator of the Heavens and the earth, who left His throne in Heaven to come to earth so that He could meet us where we are…who was born in a stable…lived a humble life of a carpenter…who died a criminal’s death but was blameless and sinless…who was buried in a borrowed grave and then rose from the dead on the third day. He is the Savior of the world.

      To me, He is the One who never demanded anything from me but gave all of Himself for me and asked me to let Him into my heart…who loves me unconditionally and in spite of me…who doesn’t need me for anything as He is the Beginning and the End but wants to have a part in every detail of my life…who assured my eternity with His blood and my decision to give Him my heart…who loves those who hate Him as much as He loves those who love Him…who told me that He would be with me until the end of the age…who will return one day on a white horse wearing a robe dipped in blood, with the name King of Kings and Lord of Lords, with a sword coming out of His mouth that He will use to cut down the nations, and will claim all of those who love Him…me. That’s who Jesus is to me. The awesome part…He can be the same to anyone. He’s knocking at the door. All anyone needs to do is open it.

      The real question is, Who is He to you?

  2. Sam Newman says:

    Just met Jeff less than 3 days ago and here I am on his website finding out more. It’s Father’s Day and let’s not forget the highest father and what he gave. Fathers out there: could you watch your beloved child die for those who spurned him? On this day, before the golf or the presents or the cards, follow me, the most confused and misguided of sinners, to remember the ultimate gift. Thanks Jeff, for inspiring me to listen to that nagging heavenly voice for the first time in decades.

  3. Carol in California says:

    Don’t forget that WOMEN can be spiritual warriors too and often HAVE BEEN where men have acted apathetically. There are women such as myself who are part of God’s army—-praying against the forces of darkness and pulling down their strongholds so that the gospel can go forth in these end times and buying a little more time for those who evangelize to reach the world. Don’t negate the female half of those in God’s army! Please!

    • jeffsearcy says:

      Hello, Carol. Thank you for your comment and Warrior attitude. Calling out guys to step up and be the spiritual warriors God has created and called us to be in no way negates or denies the impact or abilities of women to rock and rattle Hell’s gates and bring down the devil’s strongholds. The prayer warriors in my life are women…and I know as sure as I’m writing this that mountains throw themselves into the sea as a result of their prayers.
      Keep doing what you’re doing. And, prayer warrior, be praying for the guys, 5 to 105, in our country and around the world, that they will take up the Divine call and charge they’ve been given and be the guys God has created and called them to be. Thanks, Carol (Warrior)! Rock On…& Armor Up!

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