Servant Warrior TV


Servant Warrior™TV – A wide open look at what impacts us all on a daily basis with a mission to equip, encourage, inspire, & spark some serious thought. We’ll talk business, politics, strategy, music, and all kinds of things I like to discuss, as well as tackle some tough topics square on…topics that spark emotion, uneasiness, sometimes anger, fear, and perhaps even some uncertainty. I will not tiptoe around any subject and no subject is off limits.

However, this is NOT your typical news & entertainment show. Not only from the approach, but more importantly from the perspective and the unchangeable & immovable Foundation it is built upon.

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The music has a definite edge…as do the messages and discussions. It’s not meant to offend…only to reveal. It’s thought provoking, substantive, honest, and often a bit controversial. What do you expect? “It’s the Blade side of talk…from the Blade that separates bone from marrow”.



Servant Warrior™TV is a TEAM Servant Warrior® related endeavor. Servant Warrior® is a registered trademark. Servant Warrior® Ministries, Inc. 2017. Servant Warrior® Ministries is a 501c3 non profit organization, tax I’d 27-0234581.