Insight offering and a recommended shelter-in-place activity

Posted: April 21, 2020 in Insights

We, Americans, as a people, a nation, and the last true protector of liberty…in all its forms…must never allow, (paraphrasing Hayek) the desire for security to become stronger than our love of freedom. If we do, we are doomed to seeing Reagan’s now famous quote, that freedom is only one generation away from extinction, become reality.

What do we do? I am not going to make any comments…even though I so much want to…about the overwhelming amount of Constitutional analysis and commentary during and following the recent Trump impeachment hearings and trial. What I will say is that reading, researching, having true intellectual courage as one thinks about and thinks  through vitally important documents and/or manuscripts like the US Constitution & Declaration of Independence is something that is done so infrequently that we have all but dismissed it alongside critical thinking and analysis as archaic actions of a less sophisticated and less enlightened age. Along with this seemingly prehistoric means of knowledge acquisition, responsibility, accountability, and meaningful civil discourse has joined the dodo in its extinction.

Again I ask, “What do we do?” To answer that with even a minute level of adequacy, it would take volumes…and, of course, far too many posts (even though I plan to try here and on my podcast Servant Warrior Radio). In the meantime, I have a suggestion for the multitudes of people looking for something to do during the pandemic and shelter in place: Read the US Constitution.

It will only take an hour or so. Sorry. But it’s well worth it. Here’s a link – I’ll also be glad to send you your own copy. Simply add a comment at the bottom and I’ll reach out to get a mailing address.

Reality: It’s YOUR governing document. You should know what it says. The Bill of Rights are first 10 Amendments, by the way.

As you read, remove your biases, preconceived notions, and what you read on Facebook last week. Read the document, to include the 27 Amendments and the Declaration of Independence, for yourself. Don’t add to it. Read IT. Stop mid sentence, if needed, and think. Think about what is written. Think about it’s intent. Think about what it is actually saying and the spirit in which it was drafted. Think and consider the context and time in which it was written. Realize the brilliance, foresight, and relevance to what we face today…and, that it was penned some 240 years ago.

You may not find it as powerful and brilliant as others might. What I do know will happen is that you will be in a very small group of people, about 2% of all Americans, who have actually read the Constitution. More importantly, you will be more knowledgeable about the document, the rule of law, and the great work that has presided over a country longer than any other single document in recorded history. 

My take:

It has been said that knowledge is power. I like this better: The use of knowledge is powerful.

Knowledge, like all of the electricity in the world, is absolutely useless until someone flicks the switch. 

Until next time…


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