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Maybe I am just having a bad day but I feel the overwhelming urge to landblast a very popular and quite effective web site as a result of my experience with them today. I will do what I can to restrain but, again, I feel compelled to write not so much about the service, or the fact that a posting made today requesting pro bono web design was pulled (the ad was titled “Need help reaching men for Jesus – see link and then when I changed the title but left content it, cannot be found (please see if you can find when actually searching the Jacksonville, FL…oops, the name came out, for listing # 1339576866. If it is found, I will be glad to retract my statements. However, it goes to a larger issue.

There is a thought that has permeated our society for decades: If we remove God from our schools, our businesses, our media, our everything, we can live our lives the way we want to and that little voice in our heads and the pit in our guts will go away. That is like turning the radio up in the car so you won’t hear the brakes grinding every time you push the pedal. In our heart of hearts and despite what we will admit, we know what the consequences of ignoring the brake noise are (or the voice in our heads or the gut pain for that matter) but we do it anyway and keep driving and driving and driving until one day when we need the brakes to stop the car in order to keep it from running into a school bus full of kids or off a cliff, the car doesn’t stop. Not only does the crash kill everyone in the bus, those in car die as well. Let’s take the other scenario – car off a cliff. At least the children in the bus are safe but the family in the car is dead and just as the car plummets to the ground, the souls of those inside the car plummet as well, into eternal separation from God. At what point are we going to step up and step forward and say “Enough is enough.”? If we do not acknowledge what is going on and take steps to correct it, we have no one to blame but ourselves for the condition of our families, our communities, our country.

Hey dad, whose responsibility is it to get the brakes fixed? If your answer is, “My wife takes care of the car repairs.” is your answer to the question, “Who is responsible for the spiritual well being of your family?” the same? Are you ignoring God, your responsibility as a man, a husband, a father, and putting everything, to include the eternal destination of your family, in someone else’s hands? Man, grow up and grow a pair. And for those of you not married or without kids, you are not off the hook. God has called you, as well, to step up.

The time for apathetic, non-involved, emasculated, checked out, head in the sand, not-my-problem, “there’s nothing I can do”, “my voice doesn’t mean anything”, “someone might call me weak”, “I am afraid to step forward because I might actually have to live like a Christian”, men is over. Take a stand. Put on the full armor of God and stand. Stand on the Word. Remember the old hymm,”Standing on the promises of God”? What a great message of hope, reassurance, and reality! He promises never to leave us or forsake us. He promises He will return and take His own home with Him. He also promises judgement for all. He promises eternal separation from Him for those who do not know Him or accept Him into their heart as their Savior. Jesus promises to disown those before the Father who disowned Him before men. Jesus promises to spit out those who are luke-warm. In other words, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, the Lion of Judah, the Lamb of God, the One called Faithful and True whose eyes are blazing fire and dressed in a robe dipped in blood who, when He returns on a white horse to judge and make war, will bring the fury of the wrath of God Almighty with Him, is saying, “Go hard or go home.” We might better take notice and heed His charge. My advice, take your Bible with you to the brake repair shop.