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Happy Father’s Day, dads. As we enjoy our day of…whatever it is that we guys enjoy (for me, I have the Red Sox playing the Braves and flipping between that and the US Open – it’s over 100 degrees outside), let’s not forget about the war that rages on for our lives and the lives of our families. Satan will do all he can to neutralize men and separate them from their wives and from their children. Either physically or emotionally, if he can cause the separation, he will have accomplished his goal. And with men and dads neutralized and out of the picture, the family is completely vulenrable to attack. Today, men around the country, and in many parts of the world, will have a memory of growing up and of their father. How do you remember your father? Those of you who are dads, how do you want your kids to remember you? Remember, we are only responsible for ourselves. We also cannot change the past. However, we have the power to impact the future.
Be the man God has called you to be. Be the dad your kids and family need. Take point and lead your family. Don’t think you have what it takes to lead your family? Things too far gone to recover? I beg to differ. God doesn’t make mistakes and He hasn’t changed the man model since Adam. So apparently He did it right the first time.
I am praying for all dads and men. We are in this war together, men. And we will prevail. Know how I know? I read the last chapter in the Book. Check out Revelation when you get the chance.
Thanks, Dads. All of you. God bless you. Keep it real!