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This is my first entry for Life Lessons and Observations. And, how fitting is it that the first is a life lesson for Dad, or an LMFD (Learning Moment for Dad).
Yesterday, Saturday, at 1200 noon I was out cutting my grass. Let me tell you, it was hot. Ridiculous Florida hot. I mean, it was a “No need to be this hot as it is complete overkill” hot. You get the jist. Nevertheless, I was cutting my grass. Now get the picture: my self propelled mower lost its self propulsion…and that thing is heavy. I had finished cutting my front yard and was working on the back. I literally was pushing with my eyes closed because I could not keep the sweat from pouring in my eyes. Just then, out of the screened porch walks my 5 year old son, my youngest. Beautiful curly blonde locks of hair flopping as all 35 pounds of him skipped towards me with a bottle of water in his hand. Now his mom was not home so my first thought was he wants me to open the water. I would love to say that when I saw him coming toward me I was thinking, “Oh, how happy I am that he wants me to do something for him.” My first thought was “I have to stop now, turn off the mower, open the water bottle, wonk wonk wonk.” It was more of a boo hoo for me.
He got to me, looked at me with those big blue eyes and handed me the bottle. I opened for him, smiled best I could, and handed it back to him. He looked square at me and with the matter of factness and purity of heart that only can come from a 5 year old and said, “I brought it out for you.” He then turned around and skipped away.
I immediately looked heavenward and thanked God for that teachable moment. I thanked God for not allowing me to miss the teachable moment He orchestrated for me. So often we, as parents, as dads, as folks who have been around the block, look for teachable moments. We look for the opportunity to share a nugget or two of wisdom as if we were the wise oracle imparting life altering wisdom to whoever happens to be on the receiving end. Often times we miss them, especially with our kids. The impact really comes when when you don’t miss one, especially when the person being taught is you.
I enjoyed the room temperature water more than I thought possible. Mostly because my little buddy, in the middle of the hundred things he does…all at once, mind you…thought of me out in the hot sun cutting grass, on his own mind you, and brought me some water. I would bet that he acted on the thought of bringing me out some water as soon as it entered his mind. He didn’t stop to think whether or not he had the time or even felt like doing something for someone else. He did it without hesitation. We could all take a lesson from this 35 pound, blue eyed, floppy blonde haired 5 year old with a servant’s heart.
By the way, a few minutes later he came skipping back out of the screen porch. I was in a different frame of mind this time around, but he still got me. I turned off the mower and said, “What can I do for you little buddy?” expecting him to need something. (Come on. Cut me some slack. I have two boys.) He looked up at me and asked, “Where is the water bottle?” I had placed it in my pocket when I finished it. I pulled it out of my pocket and said, “Right here.” He reached for it. I gave it to him. He said, again with the purest of heart, “I came out to get it to throw it away for you.” He took it and skipped away. Thank you Lord Jesus for his heart…his servant heart.
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