It’s not the economy, stupid…it’s the turkey.

Posted: December 4, 2004 in My Heart, Observations, and Rants

It’s not the economy, stupid…it’s the turkey!

Short and sweet. The new attack plan that will surely land the White House for the Democrats in 2004 came to light last Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, in Iraq.

Bless their hearts. The economy is booming. Progress in Iraq is proceeding, despite what you may have heard. Bush’s approval rating jumped to 61% over the Thanksgiving weekend. OH NO!!! Aaaaaahhhhhh! What do we do?

The following link is to an article that was in the Washington Post on December 3rd. Please read it. I hope the same questions that popped in my mind pops into yours…Are they out of their minds? Do they not have more important issues to address?

Dear Washington Post,

Please find your people something to do. They have far too much time on their hands.

PS. Hey libs…we all know the turkey was never intended for the troops. The President was on his way to serve the Halliburton reps visiting Iraq.

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