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“ I saw the whole thing. The evil SUV did it.”


They look suspicious as they roam our streets looking for victims. They are evil and pose a more dire threat to the future of our society than any terrorist organization anywhere in the world. Of course I am speaking of SUV’s.

The left in this country, with help from the media, has tried for some time to ‘demonize’ SUV’s. I hate that word…demonize. It’s like using the word ‘crony.’ I digress. SUV’s have been blamed for everything from global warming to the reason why the Red Sox can’t make it to the World Series. It is only a matter of time until SUV’s are blamed for the assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK, and even Abe Lincoln. Why not? Okay, your argument that SUV’s weren’t around in the late 19th century is somewhat valid. But who’s to say that it wasn’t Booth but a big 4-door sport ‘wagon’ in that opera loft? Makes you think, huh?

This soap dish rant stems from the media’s reports of tragic events that have occurred recently either here in the Atlanta area or that have ties to the area.

Earlier this week, two young female real estate agents were shot and killed in a model home located in a new subdivision in a suburb of Atlanta. My heart and prayers go out to their families. Nevertheless, the news reports that ensued reported a “suspicious” black SUV was spotted in the subdivision. What? What constitutes a suspicious SUV? Was it lurking around street corners or hiding behind homes? Give me a break.

This next one is even better. Darnell Stenson, a professional baseball player from LaGrange, Georgia, who was playing in the Arizona fall league, was found shot and killed earlier this week. Again, my heart and prayers go out to his family. A news report that was given stated (I swear that I am not making this up…I can provide the radio station and the date and time of the report) that ‘Darnell Stenson had been found shot and apparently run over and dragged by his own SUV in an Arizona street earlier this week.’ WOW! Not only did the SUV shoot him but ran over him and dragged him down the street. Stephen King would be so proud.

So as not to drag out this incessant rant that gives far too much attention to the mindless and absolutely ridiculous plight of the left to rid our society of the evil that is SUV’s, I’m finished.

By the way, I am a proud owner of 1998 Chevrolet Tahoe 4X4 with an American Flag, and BUSH/CHENEY ’04, W04, Johnny Isakson for Senate, and ‘ANNOY A LIBERAL’ decals adorning the tailgate. I love to drive the lefties crazy.

Until we meet again…