We’re proud of you, Rush.

Posted: October 10, 2003 in My Heart, Observations, and Rants

No opinion this week…despite everything that has been going on recently. Nevertheless, I would be remiss if I did not say that you should not be alarmed at the tremors (thanks John) you felt Friday October 10 around 1500 (that’s 3pm for you non-military types) est. It was neither a nuclear explosion nor another terrorist attack. It was the culmination of thousands of liberals whose heads had just exploded at the news of Rush Limbaugh’s admission of his addiction to pain killers and the harsh realization that they can no longer pin their hopes on his demise as well as that of conservative talk radio that would result, according to Al Gore, et.al., from the attacks on Rush’s credibility. Guess what, Al, he just showed everyone the level of his credibility. Unfortunately for you, it was not where you wanted it. Face it. You and the rest of your liberal cohorts do not rate to even clean his cigar butt can. Way to go Rush. You are the best.

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